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Whatever stage your artwork is in can help. The most important issue to us is that you have found a product that you want to have your logo or image on. Below we list some frequently asked questions related to artwork that should answer any questions that you have. If for whatever reason you are unable to find an answer, call us toll free on 1-877-838-3700 and one of our customer representatives will assist you.

Where should I send my artwork?

All artwork should be sent to:

What if I don’t have any artwork?

If all you have is an idea or a vision, we can help. has a number of graphic designers that will be able to get your concept down onto paper. Just give us a call on our toll free number with the product number you want and your idea of a graphic and we’ll get it going! Please note: there will be a small cost associated with this service.

What file format should I send?

Ideally we would like to receive an Adobe Illustrator or EPS file. If your file is not in one of these formats it can usually be converted by somebody in your organization, typically somebody in Marketing or a Webmaster who has access to particular graphics programs. If you do not have access to such resources, for a nominal fee, we will be able to convert the file for you if you provide it in one of these common graphic formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP or TIF. On many computers, these files will have a filename with ".jpg", ".gif", ".bmp", or ".tif" at the end.

What resolution do I need for my logo or artwork?

You will get the best results if your logo or artwork is about 200 dpi (dots per inch). If you want your logo to be 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall, then your graphic file should be about 600 pixels (3 x 200 dpi) wide by 400 pixels (2 x 200 dpi) tall. In general, the more pixels (larger dpi), the better as it provides better resolution and quality.

How do I find the resolution of my logo or artwork?

If your logo or artwork was provided by someone in your company (e.g., a graphics or marketing department), then check with them. The person who created the file will usually know or be able to determine the image's width and height in pixels.

If you have a graphics program that can open your file, it will usually provide this size or resolution information in the “Properties” section which can be found under “File”. If you are unsure send your artwork through to us at and we’ll work with you from there.

Can I get a specific color match?

While there are some products that we can’t offer a specific color match with, for the majority of our products we can. It is often the case that the stock colors we provide with our products come so close that only those with a very sharp eye can tell the difference.

Customers who require a specific color match should either call us or make a comment on the online ordering system providing the “PMS” (Pantone Matching System) color numbers where applicable. For your convenience a PMS color chart is supplied at the bottom of the page, please be aware that differentials in computer monitors may prevent you from viewing the “true” PMS color. If you require a PMS match a charge will normally be applied to your order, this charge will be communicated to and authorized by you at the time of order.

Can I use a graphic image from a web page?

While many web pages do have GIF or JPEG graphics, these images have usually been optimized for display on your computer. They may be low-resolution images with a smaller file size that is quickly displayed in your browser. To get a good quality result, we suggest that you do not use low-resolution images. However, many web site graphic artists start with a higher-resolution image. You can contact the artist, webmaster, or marketing department to see if they have a better version of the graphic.

The most important thing to remember is that your artwork shouldn’t get in the way of your promotional needs. Whatever the problem or question, we can help so please call us toll free on 1-877-838-3700.



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